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our Services

Our company is specialized in Mobile Apps Development. We have a rich portfolio of native and cross-platform Apps.

We have also recently dived into the Virtual Reality Experiences development.

Our partner companies - WienerGames and AtomSolutions - are specialized in Web sites and platforms development and into Cross-platform Games development

iOS Native Apps

We have a team of extremely smart and talanted Obj-C Developers that can build any kind of native iOS Application - for iPhone, iPad, iWatch and AppleTV

Cross-platform Apps

Thanks to the great Adobe AIR platform we have built tons of cross-platform applications and games. We are specialized in extremely fast delivery of complex but beautiful and user-friendly applications working both on iOS and Android with a single code base

Apps Design

Our artists and designers can offer you extremely modern, clean and beautiful designs for your future applications

Eye for the detail

Each one of us has a great eye for detail! We are always trying to make the best possible experience in our apps - both visually and functionally

Android native Apps

We have years of experience building rich native Android applications and we are awlays trying to get the best possible experience out of the platform


Our team has build some HTML5 based applications and games that look equally good in a PC or mobile browsers

VR Experiences

Recently we have started working with the newest Virtual Reality technologies to create immersive Experiences. We are currently focused on OculustRift and GearVR hardware connected to the amazing UnrealEngine

dedicated support

No matter what platform has been used, we have a great support policy for applications updates, fixes and overall support

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Bulgaria, Sofia, 239 Al. Stabmoliiski Blvd.